zetaclear reviewsWhile summers may be a good time for all to enjoy the weather and go for fun activities like swimming etc, for people with unhealthy nails , it is the worst time of the year since their nails get exposed due to bare feet and use of open toe footwear. These are the people who are unaware of the treatment provided by Zetaclear. More than 40 million people globally are desperately looking for treatment for unhealthy nails. Thick ugly and discolored nails are affecting the lifestyle of many of its victims leading to depression and loss of self confidence.

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Causes for Unhealthy Nails

The most common nail disease is nail fungus or onychomycosis and tinea unguium. These are the reasons for almost 50 percent abnormalities of nails. Almost eight percent of all adult population suffers from this disease which is more common in men as compared to women. It manifests itself in the form of discoloration of and thickening of the nail and crumbling of edges around it. The most common place where it occurs is the toenails.

Generally the causes of Nail fungal infections are microscopic organisms which are called fungi which do not require exposure to sunlight in order to survive.Dermatophytes is a group of fungi that are responsible for the fungal infection of nails. Sometimes, some form of yeasts and moulds can also lead to these infections.

The Zeta Clear Advantage

ZetaClear contains a unique proprietary formulation consisting of natural oils. All of these oils have been proved to demonstrate the promotion of healthy nails. It is a special product which has been specially prepared for the best results. Zeta clear Solution ensures that it removes the dirty looking yellow stains. It is the special extracts in Zetaclear that provide the maximum effects for treatment of unhealthy nails.

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How Does Zeta Clear Work

Zetaclear is a natural formulation which has no side effects unlike some of the other prescription medicines which can have some visible and adverse side effects like permanent discoloration of your skin. The unique ingredients in Zetaclear include Antimonium Curdum 200C this is the most potent treatment for discoloration and treatment of the skin infection under the nails. The other ingredient is Mancinella 30C which is an ingredient made out of the milk of the tree of manchinee commonly found in the Caribbean. This helps in reducing and treating the burning and tingling on the soles of the feet. Sulphur 12X is another ingredient which has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of ailments including nail problems.

The medication includes a combination of a solution and a spray which should be taken concurrently for best results. Solution is applied over the affected area preferably after taking a bath minimum three times in a day. The spray can be simply sprayed under the tongue. the effects of the treatment become visible within two to three weeks.

Zeta clear is the answer to the prayers of many suffering from nail problems and those who think that they have to live with this problem for life. It is a product which works overtime and ensures guaranteed results. The unique solution has been designed to provide an aggressive and strong treatment to the problems of nail fungus. Try reading our zeta clear review.

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